Concerts recording

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Digital recording, your concert or event or speech, done directly on CD or file on USB key or FTP.


A portable recording system ; a digital recorder Nagra VI, the first stereo couple with Neumann U87 on stand,and MS couple, sound mixer will be addedif it is necessary to have singers renforcement. The etablishement times of recording equipment is between 15 and one day, a little bit more if we need special installation as suspend microphones.


All recording, editing, masterising (if needed) is done in WAVE ; 24 bits / 96 or 192 Khz and dithering (16 bits / 44,1Khz), in professional audio post production studio.

On Special order i can record on native DSD Format ; 1 Bit and 2,8or 5,6 or 11,2 Mhz.

Included equipement's installation, Hi-Fi, Stéréo, DSD, 3.1, 5.1, etc. 3H records per vacation for concert with high resolution files, 5,6 MHz, 2,8 MhHz, 192 Khz, 96KHz ou 48Khz et 1 Bit, 16 Bits, 24Bits ou 32 Bits, formats (DCF, AES 128, HD-PCM, WAVE, AIFF, FLAC, ... ) and any support (FTP, HDD, DVD, card ...) for your selection.,

Storage, editing, indexing titles and CD-mastering, delivery record on standard CD.

For events beyond the typical duration of an evening (fitting and concert), or amplified provision for recording sound laconsole of parallel (with JoeCo BBR64 by optical' or coaxial MADI's link or with SOUND DEVICE 970 by MADI and/or DANTE's links or Merging's system HORUS in AES 67 naturally fully support RAVENNA/AES67-based IP infrastructure and protools station up to). Ask me a quote for this high skilled work.

CD-R copies:
We can burn bulk CD with or without printing, with standard plastic housing with single silkscreen text printing B & W or color on CD.

Fews parts of musics and voice to listen clic on here

Contact me for informations, availability and bookings, Cordialy.